Water Damage 

Following a leak, it's very probable adjoining rooms will have evidence of water damage. I can isolate and repair leaks whilst also repairing the cosmetic damage caused.


General Repairs

General repair covers a large range of scenarios - if you believe something is beyond repair - call me.
Attached slides show a kitchen cupboard coming away from its fixings - due to poor initial installation.


Stud wall & Partitioning

Build and repair. If your looking to repair damaged stud work, install new, build a new partition wall or block up an existing door - I provide services for all.


Skirting and Coving

Skirting boards and Coving provide provide protection from heavy furniture and break up harsh lines between walls and ceiling. Whether re decorating a bare room or improving existing, new boards make a big improvement.


Property Boarding

The need to secure your property in an emergency is paramount, whether accidental or criminal - I can secure windows, doors and external entrances.


Gates & Fencing

When it comes to securing your perimeter, fences and gates are the first line of defence, but they're also the first thing passers by notice about your property. This is why I don't hold back on using the best materials for both functionality and style. 
All my hand built gates - if looked after correctly will last for years, and are always designed to best compliment your property.


Tile and Grouting

Over time, the grout between tiles can often discolour and erode, leaving black, broken lines running all up the walls. The problem is often worst wherever water collects, so you’ll probably notice it first on the areas around the bottom of showers, sinks, baths and windowsills. 



Very common, and often overlooked. Perished bath/sink seals can lead flooding, rotting and a build-up of mould - which can bring health risks and further repair costs.
Plus a fresh bead of silicone, gives your bathroom a fresh, clean look.


Interior Furniture

Made to measure interior accessories - shelving, cabinets, radiator consealers and entertainmemt units. All handbuilt in my workshop in Horwich, painted and fitted to your specification.
For anything you want, which cannot be bought off the shelf, give me a call.


Rotted Wood Repair

Rotted wood is a common problem in most households. Most rotted wood appears in high moisture areas near water pipes, attics, basements, door jams, decks, and fences. 
This repair was completed on a porch, where replacing the rotten piece of timber wasn't feasible or necessary. 


Dry Lining/Plasterboard Repair

Damaged, poorly installed or, for no apparent reason, plasterboard or dry lining can lead to unsightly cracks in an otherwise smooth wall. Commonly referred to as settling, this is where the boards "settle" causing hairline cracks in the painted surface.
This one is a more extreme case, where owing to the weight of a large wardrobe - cracks appeared along the top edge of the wall and down the corner.
The repair involved widening the crack, to allow a suitable filler to have more purchase on the surrounding material. Sand and paint - good as new.